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Arrested for Auto Theft in Fort Worth? Contact a firm that takes every case seriously.

Any allegations made of auto theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, or carjacking in Texas can result in serious repercussions and penalties. If convicted of this felony offense, it may lead to prison or jail time, a possible permanent criminal record, substantial fines, or an inability to pursue certain professions.

Therefore, consulting a knowledgeable and experienced auto theft attorney in Fort Worth is vital.

auto theft attorney Fort Worth

At the Law Offices of Harold V. Johnson, we understand that being charged with a crime can be a traumatic experience. That is why we inform our clients of the charges and the possible penalties they are facing and immediately begin to work on the defense.

If you have been arrested for auto theft in Fort Worth, and your rights have been violated in any way during the detention or gathering of evidence, we will fight to have the charges reduced or dropped. With extensive experience in this area of the law, we will make every effort to fight these allegations. Please contact the Law Offices of Harold V. Johnson at http://HVJohnsonLaw.com or by calling (817) 222-3222.