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Fort Worth Domestic Violence Attorney

Fort Worth Domestic Violence Attorney

Being charged with domestic violence can be a traumatic experience. Now is not the time to panic. It’s time to find an experienced Fort Worth domestic violence attorney who will best represent you against these charges.

If your hire the Law Offices of Harold V. Johnson, P.C. to defend you.  Plan on working with a lawyer with over twenty years of experience. Who will utilize that experience to do everything possible to produce a favorable outcome against your charge of domestic family violence.

Turn to the Law Offices of Harold V. Johnson, P.C. for a skilled domestic violence attorney in Fort Worth. To learn more today about why attorney Harold V. Johnson should be your choice.  Call today for a free initial phone consultation. 817-222-3222

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Harold V. Johnson can defend your rights for any type of criminal case. Our attorney and staff can help you through this difficult situation. Time is important, so call today to set your free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you and working to achieve the results you desire.


“Not too many attorneys take the time to understand their client’s life outside of the court case.  You did. You heard my concerns loud and clear.  You took care of me!  I can’t express my gratitude.  You are the best lawyer…”  – Lea K.