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Now is the Time to Call a Fort Worth Criminal Attorney

Are you or a loved one currently facing criminal accusations for a felony crime? At the Law Offices of Harold V. Johnson, we understand that you’re most likely experiencing a feeling of uncertainty about the outcome of the case and your future, and we will do everything possible to alleviate that burden. Some of the…

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Choose the Right Fort Worth DWI Attorney

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas can be embarrassing and frightening. When you are facing DWI charges in Fort Worth, it’s important that you hire an experienced Fort Worth DWI Attorney. Getting arrested does not always result in a conviction. A criminal defense attorney experienced in DWI can help reduce or even…

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How a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Worth Can Help

If you’ve been charged with a crime or arrested, you could be facing time in prison or substantial fines. Being charged with any crime is a serious matter, and you should hire a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney that will guide you the process of your case and work diligently…

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Hire an Experienced Homicide Attorney In Fort Worth

Being accused of homicide can be devastating, particularly if the victim is someone you know. Aside from dealing with the loss of someone in your life, you are now tasked with being charged with a heinous crime. When you are charged with murder or a homicide, you’ll need an attorney in Fort Worth who is…

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What Should You Expect From Your Criminal Lawyer In Fort Worth?

Felonies include a number of charges, and none of them are without their stigma. Society often convicts someone of a crime before they have had their day in court. When facing felony charges, it is important to have a criminal lawyer in Fort Worth who has the experience to properly defend you, no matter what…

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Do You Need A Drug Possession Attorney In Fort Worth?

Movies are a wonderful way to pass the time. Unfortunately, what you see in the movies is not what happens in real life. Movies often make drug possession seem trivial. Real life is much different. If you are facing drug charges, you need a drug possession attorney in Fort Worth who uses real life experience…

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