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Contact a Probation Violation Attorney to Avoid a Jail Sentence

There are some criminal cases where a person that has been found guilty avoids being incarcerated and instead, is given probation instead of prison time. In these cases, it’s vital that if you have been placed on probation, you follow your probation terms carefully.

Probation Violation Attorney Fort Worth

If you have been charged with probation violation, you should seek legal counsel from an experienced probation violation attorney in Fort Worth immediately. There are a variety of penalties that come with probation violations. This may include a revocation of the terms of probations, a prison or jail sentence for the remaining offense to a change in your probation’s term, or a reinstatement of new probation terms. This means that your freedom is at stake, and you should contact an experienced probation violation attorney.

At the law offices of Harold V. Johnson, we will make every effort to have your probation terms modified or reinstated.  Probation violations are complicated situations, but we will fight for your future and your freedom. We will exhaust all options, including having the charges dropped, or dismissed.

To minimize any potential damages that a probation violation could have to your future. Contact the Law Offices of Harold V. Johnson by calling (817) 222-3222 or visit us at http://HVJohnsonLaw.com.