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I'm Very Satisfied of the Work Mr. Johnson Did!

I’m very satisfied of the work Mr Johnson did. He was very patient and understanding of my situation. A man of his word. I strongly recommend Harold Johnson to anyone who has a criminal case that needs professional experience from.

Alexis Vargas 5 Stars

Harold Took Care of My Case

Harold took good care of my case, both him and his assistant were very helpful and nice.

Alejandro Mendoza 5 Stars

Worth the Money!

Worth the money. Michelle is awesome & love that they have a payment plan.

Araceli Martinez 5 Stars

They Are a Great Team and Would Recommend Them to Be At Your Service!

It was a great experience meeting Michelle and Harold even under the circumstances. Michelle is a very hard worker, good listener and caring. I could call and talk to her with all my concerns and my personal life as well. Harold is a very concerned worker willing to go the extra mile if and when necessary. It was my choice due to funds, time and other challenges I was facing. But Harold was ready to go to trial and do whatever was necessary. I appreciate them both from the bottom of my heart. They are a great team and would recommend them to be at your service!

Lynn Craven 5 Stars

Harry and Michelle are Absolutely Amazing

Harry and Michelle are absolutely amazing. Personable, professional, and knowledgeable. They turned a normally stressful situation into a very relaxing one. I have recommended Harry to a number of friends, who have also had wonderful experiences.

Allyson Petit 5 Stars

From the Moment I stepped Foot Into Harold’s Office, I Knew I Was In Good Hands

From the moment I stepped foot into Harold’s office, I knew I was in good hands. Michelle and Harold both seemed to be bending over backwards to ensure I felt up to date and confident during the entire process of my case. I am beyond thankful for being referred to Harold, and would highly recommend him to anyone else. I ended up with walking away with a deal better than I could’ve imagined, and I honestly couldn’t of done it without Harold.

Baylea Bryson 5 Stars

From Start to Finish You Will Not Find a More Professional, Diligent, compassionate and Down to Earth Attorney

From start to finish you will not find a more professional, diligent, compassionate and down to earth attorney. Harold knows law and is respected in every courtroom he enters. You get what you pay for when it comes to defense and Harold is worth every penny. On top of that his secretary is top notch, well organized and does a wonderful job of keeping you up to date on anything regarding your case as well as communicating with the courts on your behalf. I have worked with them both for 15+ years and would advise anyone that needs good defense and peace of mind to contact then before you make a decision on your future.

Jackson Gibson 5 Stars

Would Recommend and I Will Use Again if Needed

I needed a lawyer, used this firm to represent me. very satisfied with lawyer and office support staff. Would recommend and i will use again if needed.

David Herwig 5 Stars

Mr Johnson Represented Me Very Well - Michelle and Harry Will Take Good Care of You

Mr Johnson represented me very well , Michelle and Harry will take good care of you if you need a good attorney. Helped me out greatly by taking case all the way to trial where we were awarded a NOT guilty in the case.

Jerald Mooney 5 Stars

In Need of a GOOD Criminal Lawyer

My name is Ray. One day I found myself in need of a GOOD criminal lawyer and after sitting with many lawyers, even one that I know on a business level I found myself sitting across the table from Harold Johnson, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease with his recommendation in defending me and resolving my case.

To my surprise the case was negotiated down from firm prison time to 5 years deferred. plus court costs. Hopefully I’ll never have the need for a criminal lawyer in the future buy if I do, I now know who to call. And I would strongly recommended Harold Johnson to anyone. 

Ray 5 Stars

Great Experience!

Great experience, probably the best I’ve had . I love Michelle she’s very helpful !!!

Alycia Myers 5 Stars

Mr. Johnson and Michelle Were Patient, Professional and Prompt

Having zero experience or knowledge of the process Mr. Johnson and Michelle were patient, professional and prompt at answering my questions and concerns. I was more than pleased with the outcome of my specific situation and highly recommend Mr. Johnson, should anyone I know need a GREAT attorney.

Amanda Brown 5 Stars

Great Attorney

Great attorney, would definitely use Harold Johnson again. His paralegal Michelle is spot on, on top of her game and is amazing to work with.

T.O. 5 Stars

Harry & Michelle Are a Great Team and Consummate Professionals

Harry & Michelle are a great team and consummate professionals. They go above and beyond for their clients to achieve the best possible outcome. I highly recommend contacting this dedicated team to assist you with your case.

Wes M. 5 Stars

I Have Never Been In Trouble in My Life and I Was Not Sure What To Do!

I have never been in trouble in my life and was not sure what to do. Harold was recommend by a friend and I do not regret my decision. He made me feel at easy through the entire process and was very professional and honest.

Also, having Michelle available to assist with appointments ,questions, concerns, and updates was a bonus! I also have since recommend Harold and team, to a friend which  that had a similar experience with this law office – honest, confident, professional, thorough defense.

Tony Dressell 5 Stars

Harold Johnson is THE Attorney to Call When Justice is Needed

A criminal attorney and now a friend and confidante. Harold Johnson is not just an attorney. Harold Johnson is THE attorney to call when justice is needed. He is REAL!

Never trust your freedom or your life with any other attorney! Michelle Counts, Rocks! The best attorney with only the best secretary and assistant! Amazing People!
Lea K. 5 Stars

I Would Definitely Refer Him to My Friends & Family

After a long two years with my case.  Harold Johnson Law was able to knock down my case from a felony to a misdemeanor.  Mr. Johnson and Michelle have always answered any questions I had in a timely manner no matter what time of day it was.  I would definitely refer him to friends and family.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication.  I am truly grateful.

Charles S. 5 Stars

I'm Convinced Mr. Johnson Has Super Powers!

I’m convinced Mr. Johnson has super powers. He is not only very professional with his work, he is so confident in every aspect of winning you your case. I will forever recommend him too anyone and I owe him so much for everything he has done for me. Also I have too add Michelle is the sweetest down too earth person you’ll ever meet! She is very good at her job and she really cares about staying on top of details with your case. Love her to death!

Jordan B. 5 Stars

Harold V. Johnson & Michelle are Very Professional and Efficient

H V Johnson and Michelle are very professional and efficient. Always following up & answering your calls or emails no matter the time. He also showed compassion through my entire situation, and even after. They were always there. His assistant, Michelle was always very helpful and also very compassionate. My experience with this office is 5 stars and I highly recommend. A very dedicated team!

Nicole Stageman 5 Stars

The Best Lawyer Ever!

He’s the best lawyer ever!  I love Harold and Michelle so much they helped me a lot.

Tanisha Brown 5 Stars

Harold Johnson & Staff Attentive, Professional and Extremely Good at What They Do

Harold Johnson and his staff were attentive, professional, and most importantly they are extremely good at what they do. Highly recommend.

Brian G. 5 Stars

Harold Johnson is an Amazing Attorney

Harold Johnson is an amazing attorney he was very helpful got us just what we wanted and always answered my questions even if I bugged him. His rep Michelle is super sweet and nice thanks y’all are an amazing team and kept my family together my husband is free…

Alexis Martinez  5 Stars

Harold Johnson and his Team are the Best Ever!

Harold Johnson and his team are the best ever. Have never been more satisfied with the outcome. Five-star recommendation.

Gavriel Padilla 5 Stars

Harold and his Team (Michelle) Are Absolutely Amazing

Harold and his team (Michelle) are absolutely amazing, taking great care of their clients through every step. I appreciate the high level of professionalism and preciseness in ensuring the best outcome is reached for their clients.

Sheena Turner  5 Stars

Harold Johnson is By Far One of the Best Attorneys in North Texas!

Harold Johnson is by far one of the best attorneys in North Texas! I have been using his services since he was with the Dunham Firm over 10 years ago. I’ve watched him leave that firm to start his own and grow it into what it is today. Harry has never let me down. (when you spend as much money as I have you can call him Harry too lol) Anytime I found myself in a pickle he has come to my aid. I have personally referred several people to him. He always gets the best possible outcome. Michelle and Harry always joke and say that I basically paid for their newly remodeled office lol. “Seriously tho I probably did” They are like family! Harold Johnson will go to bat for you, this is a fact. I have literally put my life/future in his hands, and he’s got the job done every time. Harry is well-liked downtown and his reputation precedes him. Also for those worried about costs they are very reasonable and will work with you. That is very important because we all know “good” representation is pricey. “Great” representation is outrageous. Harold is great at what he does! Keep up the excellent work you guys! “I have to include Michelle or she will get mad” AND you don’t want to see her MAD!! lol Hopefully I won’t be retaining their services for myself ever again lol. For anyone that is looking for an honest and loyal attorney Harold Johnson is by far the way to go!

D. Beach 5 Stars

Harold V. Johnson is 100% a Superhero

Harold V. Johnson is 100% a superhero. Hands down, no one better.

Heath Maynard  5 Stars

Harold V. Johnson is the Best Lawyer to Use for a Case

Harold V. Johnson is the best lawyer to use for a case and Michelle is the best secretary that a lawyer can have.
I know I can always depend on them!!!

Veare Sanders 5 Stars

Harold Johnson Law first and foremost did a great job with my case.

They handled everything very professionally, and in a timely fashion. They were able to reach a deal for probation, rather than the alternative would have been much worse. I am grateful for there efforts and highly Recommend them to everyone I come in contact with needing legal assistance.

Michael Chitty 5 Stars

Very Inviting and Friendly Office and Staff

Very inviting and friendly office and staff. Harry is easy to work with and his assistant, Michelle C., never fails to put a smile on your face! Tootsie, AKA, Rat Squirrel, always greets with excitement and lightens any mood you may be in! Stand out law firm!
Jennifer R Johnson 5 Stars

Smart, Aggressive, Compassionate!!
Harold Johnson's Firm did an outstanding job on my case!

He took my matter with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. He did an excellent job negotiating with the prosecutor that ultimately determined a favorable outcome in court. They handled my case with efficiency and stood by my side when I was very worried about my future. ~ S Foncaier 5 Stars

Dear Harry,
Your reputation as a winner is well-deserved!

This is a note to thank you for the excellent way you handled my Daughter’s case. This last year has been a very difficult one and the ending could have been much different without your professional
legal counsel. You took the time to listen, answer all our questions and put our mind at ease. You are truly a man of integrity and compassion. As a direct result of your efforts, my daughter’s charges were dismissed and she did not have to do any jail time. Thank you for your outstanding defense and affording my daughter the opportunity to rebuild her life! ~ P Smith 5 Stars

My Experience with Mr. Johnson was Phenomenal!

My experience with Mr. Johnson was phenomenal! We were able to come to a reasonable price for his services as well as the best possible outcome we could have got in court. Would recommend Harold V. Johnson to everyone I know for anything they may need help with!

Landon Stokes 5 Stars

Hands down this would be the attorney you WANT!

Hands down this would the attorney you WANT to have on your side and going to bat for YOU. He is very compassionate about his work and extremely good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone and if I ever need an attorney again, there is no doubt Mr. Johnson IS the one! Thank you! You are one of a kind. Oh and Michelle is so awesome too! ~ Christi M. 5 Stars

Harold V Johnson Law Office PC is an Outstanding Law Firm.

Starting with the first phone call this office was professional and thorough. Although this was a difficult time I received prompt and honest answers to all my questions about the process and possible outcomes. With Harold and his team’s representation we ultimately received a full dismissal. Can’t thank Harold and Michelle enough. Highly recommend. ~  5 Stars

Mr. Johnson is a Great Attorney and has Helped me get a Friend Back on the Road Again!

Mr. Johnson is a great Attorney and has helped me get a friend back on the road again!
He helped him get his driver’s license back after he hasn’t been able to get one in 10 years! He goes the extra mile every day to help you with your needs. His office staff is great!

Steve Johnson  5 Stars

Real family Lawyer that has a Heart.

If you need a good lawyer Mr. Johnson is the man he is great with the client. He is honest and fair good price. Also if he says something he means it. This is a man that i would hire again if needed a great lawyer. The office staff is friendly and helps with things that are need. All I really can say is this is a great man and my hero and my family hero, We thank you right down to our bones.
Great man can do great things
May God Bless You!!!!
Jerry Harvey Jr. and Family 5 Stars

Always Receptive When I Call

Always receptive when I call.

Quentin Lynn  5 Stars


My wife and I found ourselves in need of a criminal attorney in Tarrant County recently. We picked the Law Firm of Harold Johnson based on a phone call to his office. The charges were serious and we didn’t know what to expect. He EXCEEDED all of our expectations and was able to obtain resolutions to these two situations that we only dared hoped for. We recommend Mr. Johnson without reservation. He seems very well respected by the courts and was able to resolve our issues in a way that was BEYOND our hopes 5 Stars